Bartholomew County 4-H Fair


In 2021, Bartholomew County celebrated 65 years of fairs at our current location — with more than 100 directors through the years. We are proud of the opportunity to serve the community and look forward to many more years.

The fairgrounds were originally located on 25th Street on the site now known as Fair Oaks Mall. In 1956, a group of community leaders decided it was time to have a fairgrounds that was operated and maintained by an elected group of people who were interested in improving the conditions for the 4-H members and businesses.

On May 7, 1956, a group of citizens met and decided to form a corporate body, later called the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Inc. The first board of directors was elected at this meeting. They were Carl Fox, Martha Doup, Perry Doup, Harry Embry, Henry Hoevener, Walter Miller, B. Parker Newsom Sr., Wendel Shireman and J. Perry Thompson. The corporate
papers were officially signed Nov. 15, 1956, and a 99-year lease was signed Nov. 24, 1956, between the County
Commissioners and the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Inc. The ground was previously used as a county farm at Road 200 S and Indiana 11 and is now the Bartholomew County 4-H Fair Inc. fairgrounds. The first fair was held July 21 to 26, 1958. How blessed this community is for this project to continue!

Previous & Current Board Members

NameYears Active
Angie Lowe2024-2026
Claudia Sims2023-2025
Jennifer Dettmer2022-2024
Erin Engelau2022-2024
Lisa Coombs2021-2026
Glen Meek, Jr.2021-2024
Erika Hamilton-Jordan2021-2023
Scott Lowe2020-2025
Zach Morey2020-2025
Josh Whipker2020-2022, 2024-2026
Andy Whiteside2017-2025
Annie Romine2017-2019
Shelby Case2016-2024
Nathan Downey2016-2021
Jason Harper2016-2021
Gary Myers2016-2021
Sam Mills2014-2020
Kim Swope2014-2019
Mike Wetzel2013-2024
Kim O’Connor2013-2015
Adam Ulrich2011-2019, 2021-2026
David Ness2011-2013
Susan Arnholt2010-2024
Corey Jenkins2010-2013, 2020-2025
Troy Foist2009-2026
Becky Speaker2008-2025
Marcus Speer2008-2010
Lee Naylor2008-2010
Janet Clouse2007-2015, 2017-2025
Shane Meier2007-2015
Albert O’Connor2007-2012
Ben Hoene2007-2012
Mike Kamman2007-2009
Jill Arnholt2006-2020
Randy Streitelmeier2006-2020
Denny Dorsett2004-2006, 2009
Greg Hill2004-2006
Jason Schroer2003-2008
Shawn McNealy2003-2005
Trina Brumley2002-2019
Tony Harden2002-2016
Debbie Phillips2001-2015
Brian Heaton2001-2003, 2005-2007
David Flohr2001-2003
Mark Case2000-2023
Chris McKinney2000-2002
Patrick Bryant1999-2007
Bob Perry1999-2001, 2005-2007
John Shireman1999-2001
Rick Trimpe1998-2006, 2010-2024
Cindy Rager1998-2000
David Burbrink1997-2005
Kelly Thayer1997-2005
Nancy Shoaf1997-2002
Darren Collins1996-2026
Larry Fisher1996-2016
Bill Wehmeier1996-2016
David Bonnell1996-2004
Janis Stillinger1996-2000
Teresa Covert1996-1999
A.J. Jones1996-1998
Dr. Steve Newton1996-1998
Patty Unrue1995-1997
Jack Dunn1994-2026
Mike Carson1994-1999
Don Wichman1994-1996
Hank McGuire1993-1998
Mary Jane Hoeltke1992-2000
Mark Fischer1991-2008
Brenda Guffey1991-1996
Jay Shoaf1991-1993
Gary Jaquess1990-1995
Don Murphy1990-1995
Donna Thomas1989-2009
Dena Schafstall1989-2006
David Doup1989-1997
Rob Amos1988-1993
Larry Scott1988-1993
Keith Arnholt1987-1994
Harold Loyd, Jr.1986-1991
Nathan VonFange1986-1988
Ron Richards1985-1990
Don Voeltz1984-2004
Sondra Peters1984-1992
Tim McNealy1984-1989
Linda Boll Hillman1984-1986
John Rumple1984-1985
Clarence Fiesbeck, Jr.1982-1990
Dennis Hoeltke1982-1987
Ralph Renner1982-1984
Ron Speaker1981-1995
Norma Carson1981-1983
Robert Downin1981-1983
Joe Polanka1980-1985
George Kestler1980-1984
Maurice Shireman1978-1989
Joan Link1978-1980
Karen Kamman1977-1988
Marvin Burbrink1976-1987
Edwin Stone1976-1981
Larry Harden1974-1979
Margaret Volland1973-1991
Dorothy Arnholt1972-1977
Harold Finke1972-1977
Henry Blessing1972-1975
Joe Daily1970-1981
Donald Meek1970-1981
Omer Keller1970-1975
Lillian Gilbert1970-1972
Joe Swope, Jr.1970-1971
Robert McDonald1969-1980
B. Parker Newson, Jr.1969-1980
Charles Hall1968-1982
Maxine Wolfal1968-1976
Mary Alice Rapp1967-1968
William Dudley1966-1983
Dallas Norman1966-1983
Isabelle Schroer1966-1971
Dan Pieper1966-1968
John Whitlow1965-1979
Carol Legan1965-1967
Don Meier1965-1966
William Rogers1964-1988
Steve Hoevener1964-1967
Tommy Harrison1964-1967
Helen McKinney1964-1966
Stanley Shaw1964-1965
George Zaharako1962-1963
Wayne Coy1961-1969
Gayle Tellman1961-1963
Evans Hoeltke1960-1969
Francis Speaker1960-1968
Herb Boeschen1960-1965, 1967-1969
Albert Meier1960-1964
Harry Embry1958-1973
J. Perry Thompson1958-1965
Martha Doup1958-1965
Walter Miller1958-1964
Henry Hoevener1958-1963
Wendel Shireman1958-1963
Perry Doup1958-1963
Carl Fox1958-1962
B. Parker Newson, Sr.1958-1960
Nancy Wichman1996
Jeff Washburn1996
David Boll1983
Gilman O’Neal1969
Max Evans1968
Edna Ahlbrand1964
Paul Penisten1963
Merrill K. Johnson1960